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Started in 1991, Deck Doctors was founded as a power washing and preservation company. Recognizing a need to protect and preserve the millions of deck that were being build across the local area, state and entire country, we developed a revolutionary restoration technique as well as partnered up with Wolman Woodcare Products, the company that invented the pressure treatment process to the pine lumber that these millions of decks are built with. Our Partnership with Wolmans Wood Care Product has become a integral part of our preservation service. Proceeding deck repair and replacement became a large part of our services offered.

Deck construction and design consultations naturally became a integral part of Deck Doctors as the company continued to grow.
Over the last 24 years, we have restored and preserved thousands of decks as well have having built several hundred. With this vast exposure to not only our own projects, but to thousands of other projects that were built by different contractors. We have had the luxury of being able to pick out things that work and to be warned of the things that don’t.

Our construction and restoration technique are conducted at the highest level of expertise. Our preservation methods are beautiful, durable, functional as claimed and repeatedly time tested.We have built a reputation for high quality, reasonably priced outdoor rooms. Given a budget and space, we can add dimensions, design tricks, accessories and options that would never occurs to a person whom doesn’t create decks everyday for a living.

All our decks and porches are built with the same construction techniques and styling. From how we miter the corners and how we build our handrails section, to how we notch a post that support our floor joist; each project will be built in accordance to the customize plans and procedures that govern the construction of every one of our outdoor room. These procedures are the best of the ideas and techniques that we have learned and used over the years. As well as eliminating the ideas and procedures that have failed the test of time and desirability.